What is the docker for SQL Server

What is the docker for SQL ServerFor the first time when I heard of The Docker, I haven’t paid much attention to it. And then, few days later I have done the video blog about installing an SQL Server on Linux in my native language only that I time I could understand it and how it can be useful, in this post, let’s understand What is the docker for SQL Server.

What is the docker for SQL Server

Basically, it is a container. By definition, it is a kind of tool that can be used to create a tool that can be used to create and deploy application with all the needed libraries or all the dependencies. With the help of these containers or Docker for this matter, we can easily deploy an application designed and developed on specific flavor of Linux to another or any flavor of Linux. Here is a really good youtube video for understanding docker.

Now we know What is the docker for SQL Server, let us explore how you can make use of docker for SQL Server 2017.

  1. Download and install Windows Container for Windows Server or Windows 10. You may also interested in reading prerequisite for Windows Container
  2. The next step is download the SQL Server vNext or from addition link1 or link2
  3. Additionally review Docker’s beta Channel in case you want to run Windows and Linux docker image at the same time
  4. Once you are done you can start connecting SQL Server by SQLCMD Utility or from SSMS, here are the detailed steps

I hope you liked this information helpful enough to get started with SQL Server on Linux, in case you need any specific information do let me know and I will try to write more details on it.

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