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Throughout my extensive 24-year tenure in the IT industry, I have honed my expertise in SQL Server and cloud technologies. My qualifications include certifications in ITIL, Azure, and Google Cloud, and my professional journey boasts a consistent record of delivering top-notch, dependable, and efficient solutions across diverse clients and domains.

Beyond my managerial role, I am deeply invested in the SQL Server community as a published author, speaker, and community leader. I possess an ardent passion for sharing knowledge and insights on SQL Server high availability, disaster recovery, and capacity planning. My contributions to the field include authoring a book on SQL Server 2008 High Availability, as well as delivering captivating presentations at various technical events in Surat. I am proud to be the founder and leader of the SQLPASS Chapter in Surat, fostering a thriving community of SQL Server enthusiasts.

In recognition of my dedication and impact, I am honored to have received the Microsoft MVP award for SQL Server on six occasions. Additionally, I actively contribute to various online forums and blogs, acting as a moderator and facilitator of meaningful discussions.

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My ultimate mission revolves around empowering organizations to enhance the reliability and efficiency of their SQL Server implementations while fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth within the SQL Server community.

In 2004, SQL Server Citation had its humble beginnings as a blog hosted on Initially, its sole purpose was to serve as a personal repository for my TSQL scripts and notes. To my surprise, I soon discovered that people from all corners of the world were not only accessing but also benefiting from these resources. Encouraged by this global interest, I decided to transform my notes into more comprehensive articles.

As time went on, I rebranded my blog as SQL Server Citation, which has now become synonymous with top-quality SQL Server Remote DBA services. Currently, we take pride in serving a continuously growing base of over 25 satisfied customers and counting, all of whom have experienced the benefits of our professional and efficient services.

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“help organizations make their SQL Server more reliable, and efficient”.