Helping businesses improve reliability and efficiency of SQL Server

Full Body checkup This is just like we do ourselves. For example, a complete diagnostic scan of our entire body including heart, kidney, liver, and lungs to assess our current health status to know if there are any warning signs or abnormalities inside the body.

When your server is showing any of the symptoms below, you need a Comprehensive Health Check:
  • Degraded performance
  • High CPU or Memory consumption
  • Frequent Timeouts
  • DeadLocks
  • Inefficient query performance
Similarly, I’ll run the diagnostic scan of your server that includes:
  • Windows Server Configurations
  • SQL Server Instance Level Configuration
  • Database Level Configurations
  • Maintenance Activities
  • And, Index Reviews

Once the diagnosis scan is complete, I’ve all the data I need. I will analyze them and present you a detailed summary report with an explanation for each parameter I have scanned.

When I send you the diagnostic report I will ask you for a 2-hour window to explain the entire report, my findings, recommendations, and how to fix it if there are abnormalities over the call. And, then you can run the fixes on your own and how to roll back changes in case needed. 

In case, you do not have a DBA on-board and you are comfortable with applying fixes that I have suggested I can fix for you in lieu of money.