Customised & Professional Quality Services


Remote DBA

Our team of experts will handle your problematic issues in a very cost-effective way to ensure your databases keep functioning smoothly. Your team will have answers they need when they need.

Disaster Recovery

Our team of experts combines processes, policies, procedures, and key metrics to recover all your vital infrastructures, databases, applications, and services after a disaster.

Optimal Configuration

Our team of experts has designed as well as optimized various types of high transaction, large-scale and real-time databases. We help you to avoid making bad decisions right at the beginning of your project and save your time as well as money guaranteeing security and complete confidentiality.

Upgrade & Cloud

Let our team of experts handle your complex SQL Server upgrade or migration. No matter what older version of SQL Server you are on currently we have the experience to upgrade your SQL Server safely and quickly in a cost-effective and accurate manner

High Availability

Our team of experts will assist your organization design and architect your database server highly available, 99.99% based on the RTO and RPO aligned with your organization's policies.

Heath Check Up

Our team of experts can provide you with a comprehensive and in-depth review of all major aspects of your SQL Server environment - Performance, Configuration, Security, Disaster Recovery and the ability of your environment to scale to projected future loads.


We at SQL Server Citation can help you migrate your existing environment to a newer version smoothly. We have a proven track record of migrating many servers without any hiccup.