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About Us

About Us

Learn About SQL Server Citation’s History

Throughout my extensive 24-year tenure in the IT industry, I have honed my expertise in SQL Server and cloud technologies. My qualifications
include certifications in ITIL, Azure, and Google Cloud, and my
professional journey boasts a consistent record of delivering top-notch, dependable, and efficient solutions across diverse clients and domains.

Beyond my managerial role, I am deeply invested in the SQL Server community as a published author, speaker, and community leader. I possess an ardent passion for sharing knowledge and insights on SQL Server high availability, disaster recovery, and capacity planning. My contributions to the field include authoring a book on SQL Server 2008 High Availability, as well as delivering captivating presentations at
various technical events in Surat. I am proud to be the founder and leader of the SQLPASS Chapter in Surat, fostering a thriving community of SQL Server enthusiasts.

I can identify, troubleshoot and fix SQL Server issues via one of the service or Remote DBA offering

High Availability

High Availability

Health Check Up

Heath Check Up

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning


What People Say

It was a great learning experience with SQL Server Citation. Their main focus is not only to fix our issue the first time but after our one-time contract, we got support when we required. Hemantgiri was very engaging and have a great in-out experience on SQL. Worth recommending who are looking for SQL consulting, they must contact to SQL Server Citation. We appreciate the valuable time and efforts given by Hemantgiti and SQL Server Citation for providing such a great help to our organization.

Rahul Dholaria


The " SQL Server Citation" team is knowledgeable and proactive and believe in making the "Customer Success", they have worked with us on a couple of our biggest accounts in India and US, we have been able to provide the perfect solutions to our customer. Hope to work on many more accounts.

Prem Mahule

Seclore Technology Pvt Ltd

SQL Server Citation has done a great job helping me make my customers happy. They have made our Servers running more efficiently and reliable. The guys working at SQL Server Citation are very cooperative, knowledgeable and dedicate. They listen to us very carefully whenever we discussed our problem. In case you are in need of DBA, they are the great to work with, just like your own team, hand-in-hand. We wish them all the very best for all future endeavors.

Vinay Pugalia

Inkey Solutions

SQL Server Citation Helped Gyrus Systems Analyzed Database And Made A Recommendation For Optimizing The Database As Well As Suggestion Related To Applications. I Would Definitely Recommend Hemantgiri And His Team From SQL Server Consultant For Database Related Work.

Viren Kapadia

Gyrus System

I can't express how pleased I am with the outstanding DBA services provided by SQL Server Citation.
Their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in optimizing our database performance and ensuring its seamless operation.
From the moment we engaged with them, their team exhibited a deep understanding of our unique requirements and challenges.

SQL Server Citation's proactive approach to monitoring and maintenance has significantly reduced downtime
and improved overall system stability. Their timely and effective troubleshooting has saved us valuable time
and resources. The team's in-depth knowledge of SQL Server intricacies is truly commendable.

I wholeheartedly recommend SQL Server Citation to any organization in need of top-notch DBA services.
 Their unwavering commitment to excellence has made them an indispensable partner in our success.

Hitesh Naliyadhara

Kiran Gems

One of the standout qualities of SQL Server Citation is its dedication to helping us make informed decisions. They didn't just fix our SQL Server issues; they educated us along the way, empowering us to make the right choices for our database management.

Adfolks wholeheartedly recommend SQL Server Citation for their services. If you want a partner who not only fixes problems but also empowers you, supports you, and ensures your clients benefit as well, look no further, SQL Server Citation is the right choice.

Arathy Haridas

Arathy Haridas

Adfolks LLC

One of the standout qualities of SQL Server Citation is their dedication to helping us make informed decisions. They didn't just help us fix our SQL Server issues but they educated us along the way, empowering us to make the right choices for our database management. I highly recommend them for DBA services.

Majinder Singh


Our collaboration with SQL Server Citation, led by Hemantgiri and their talented SQL guru Brijal, has been nothing short of exceptional. From the beginning of our project, they demonstrated professionalism, deep technical expertise, and an admirable commitment to our goals. Despite unforeseen changes and expansions in the project scope, they adapted swiftly and efficiently, continuing to deliver best  results without any compromise on quality. Their willingness to go above and beyond without requesting additional compensation was particularly commendable. The successful completion of our project owes much to their dedicated efforts and skillful execution. We are grateful for their support and eagerly anticipate future collaborations.

Emad Salib


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In SQL Server, there are various scenarios in which you may want to consider recompiling a query or a stored procedure to ensure optimal query performance. Recompilation generates a new query execution plan, and it can be necessary when the existing execution plan is no longer suitable.

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Common Mistakes in SQL Server – Part 5
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Common Mistakes in SQL Server – Part 5

Last week, in the post Common Mistakes in SQL Server – Part 4 I explained about the Auto Growth configuration in SQL Server and how it can adversely impact. This week, I am going to explain a very important thing that is often skipped. It is a common mistake that can indeed lead to performance problems. Implicit Conversion can cause unexpected performance issues and hinder query optimization. This week in Common Mistakes in SQL Server – Part 5 let’s speak about the Implicit Conversion.

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