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What is R in SQL Server aka Machine Learning in SQL Server 2017

I was very excited when I read R in SQL Server, unlike others I was also very much interested to know What is R in SQL Server aka Machine Learning in SQL Server 2o17.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is basically a technology where computers study and analyze the statistical data to find and recognize any pattern or trend from the data and the  to help predict. Because of this it can provide a great insight about existing data and help decision making. Here is where you can read more about Machine Learning.

Let us quickly understand what is R and what it is used for?

R is an open source language that is used to analyze the statistical data provided to it. This is the simple one line to know what R does actually. R language is packed with lots of programmability features like loop, functions and other things we normally do while we code.

What is R in SQL Server aka Machine Learning in SQL Server 2017

R in SQL Server is integrated closely so that we can minimize the costs and security risk while performing data analysis. R can be installed with SQL Server setup (both Server and client for R), it can be installed In-Database or Standalone.

Here are some links to get started with R in SQL Server aka Machine Learning in SQL Server 2017.

Getting Started with SQL Server Machine Learning

SQL Server R Tutorials

Some common use case for Machine Learning (ML)

  • Financial Services – Uses ML to prevent fraud and getting insight of data to create more opportunity
  • Health Care Industry – Uses ML to find patterns and identify possibility of treatment needed
  • Government – Uses ML to study existing data and then work with more efficiently
  • Marketing and Sales – Uses ML to find trends and recommends next item to purchase i.e. Google Ads or Amazon or Flipkart


Happy machine learning my friends.

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