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The Cloud or On-Premise – Is it a go or no go?

I have seen this question many a time that people have asked “The Cloud or On-Premise – is it a go or no go?”. This is something that has been discussed and debated, in detail for a longer period of time. Let’s see what it is and if it is a go or no go?

What is On-Premise?

As we know, by definition On-Premise is a term that we use when our data, application, server(s), or data are kept at one of the premises of the Organization.

What is the Cloud?

Cloud – This is one of the best things that happened in this era. Basically, the cloud is a service offering using which we can host our server(s), application(s), server(s), or data in a virtual environment.

Cloud Vs On-Premise

If you are a business owner, IT administrator, or staff working with the technology you will see this question coming to you. At some point, you’ll have to decide if your organization will go use the cloud technology, or it should not.

In this white paper, I have tried to compare both the environments – the cloud and the on-premise. I have tried to explain things using the example(s) and comparing 5 very important and deciding aspects.

I am certain that this white paper will answer your question “The Cloud or On-Premise – is it a go or no go?”. But, if it is not, please do let me know the same via comment or email.

You can download the white paper from here.!AsCKJTQWicaTgdseAlmfEL6BA7xhJg

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