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This morning, a friend of mine called me. He runs a development company and developing .Net based applications. He told me that suddenly his software stopped working and says The client and server cannot communicate, because they do not possess a common algorithm“.

This was really an interesting error to my ear as I haven’t heard about this error earlier. I have asked him to share his screen and error details. He refuse to do so because of NDA with the client, however he provided me the error message above which was really helpful to find the solution.

fixing the client and server cannot communicate

This issue is really not that tough. When I google it, I immediately found MS knowledge base article 3135244. This article has detailed every possible scenario which can lead to this very error message. Since were not knowing what have changed, but, possibly a system updates to prevent from vulnerability. I have suggested him to apply the patch to SQL Server 2014 to SP2.

As soon as the patch is applied it is all good, the issue is resolved now. I will suggest you to visit Troubleshooting page for more tips to help fixing you some of already known issue, in case you want me to help fixing some of your pain area, write details to me on my email or use contact me form.

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