Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher service does not start

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Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher serviceAt begining of the week, I had this email from a good friend of mine. On one of his server, the Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher service does not start. So he gave me a call, gave me the error details. And then, he ask for a help. Basically, he want to fix the issue as soon as he can. Reviewing the logs helped, and the issue was fixed.

The error message in logs was exactly the same as I have mentioned earlier. The Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher service does not start. I had to review his server configuration before I could find a fix. Before we jump into a resolution, let us see some definition. This will help understand the thing better.

What is Full-text Index?

As it is named, it is an Index. But, this is a spacial Index, which stores information about significant words and their location within one or more columns or a table. You can read detailed explanation by Microsoft here in case it interests you.

What is Named Pipe Protocol?

It is a protocol developed for Local Area Networks (LAN). Basically, it will pass an information of a process to another process. The way it will relay an information to a local or remote computer. In case you want to read about Named Pipe Protocol and how it works in detail I can suggest you to browse through Link1 and Link2

Use of Named Pipe and Full-text Engine

Within the SQL Server Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher service is used to manage full-text search and it must be running in order to full-text search to function properly. This service is an instance-aware service.

Finally, fixing Full-Text Filter Daemon Launcher service does not start

While reviewing the configuration of the server I have discovered that the Named Pipe service was disabled. Since Full-text Filter Daemon service uses Named Pipe protocol it was not starting. As soon as I started Named Pipe protocol Full-text Filter Daemon service was started fine.

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