Cloud – Different Service Providers

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Hi All, Welcome to yet another blog post of the Cloud Series!! In this post I will mention few service providers, a well known names and marker leader.  All these service providers has some or other benefits or features. One has to be very careful while choosing the service provider(s) – Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Red Hat OpenStack and VMWare Cloud to name a few.

While researching for this blog post I bumped up to an excellent write up on the same so I thought that I would quote an article from Let me then mention some more links, mainly from those service providers who are giving away a free subscription so that one can put on the gloves and play. Among the list, there are service providers who are providing Public, Private or Hybrid Environment.

Microsoft Azure – Microsoft Azure provides free subscription worth 200 USD, you can find more details here.

Amazon AWS – Amazon AWS has some really exciting free offers, find more details here

Google Cloud Platform – Offering free subscriptions that has more similarity to AWS, more details here.

Red Hat OpenStack – While Red Hat don’t offer free subscription, at least that is what I know, you can still evaluate the same before you conclude which service provider you would go with, details are here.

VMWare Cloud – I could not find exactly if they are offering some free subscription but here are some links who provides VMWare vCloud (Demo here) , basically they are providing services that uses vCloud solutions.

I tried to collect and put as much details as I have thought, do let me know if I have forget something and I try to accommodate those details. I would also like to make a blog post that explains the details between Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud solution. In the next blog post I will explain why one should adopt Cloud Solution or should not.


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Hemantgiri Goswami

Hemantgiri Goswami

Hemantgiri is a seasoned SQL Server Consultant with demonstrated history for close to 21 years. He is a published author specializing in High Availability and Disaster Recovery area. He was awarded Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft 4 times. He is a regular speaker at events in Surat. Hemantgiri is founder and leader of the SQLPASS Chapter for Surat.