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Difference between Public Cloud vs Private Cloud

This week’s blog post comes out of the discussion I and Manish, a friend of mind. A few weeks back, we were discussing a cloud the technology and its use. If one should start learning and implement cloud technology? I have mentioned him about the series of article I have written on the Cloud technology. And then, we both have discussed Private Cloud and Public Cloud. In this post today, let us see Difference between Public Cloud vs Private Cloud.

Before we start any further, let us see what is Public Cloud? And, What is Private Cloud?

Public Cloud:

Basically, it is a service offering from service providers accessible over the public network, the internet.  The service offering such as VMs, IaaS, DBaaS, SaaS, PaaS etc. but these services are accessible over the internet, free or on a pay-per-usage model.

Private Cloud:

In contrast to Public Cloud, the Private cloud is not accessible over the private internal network or public internet selected to few users /client. The service offering remains similar to what Public cloud offers. The main difference is how it is accessible and who can access it.

Difference Between Cloud

Public Cloud Private Cloud
Scalable Scalable
Cost Effective Not Cost Effective
Not On-Premise On-Premise
Not under direct control Under Direct Control


I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post as much I enjoy writing it. Do let me know in case I have missed something and I will more than happy to edit my blog post. In case you enjoy reading on cloud technology, I have written a series of articles on Cloud technology, you may find the links to the articles at blog-series-on-cloud-environment

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