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SQL Server Blog quarterly review

The last quarter was very good. At least for me, I can say that. Now, why is that so? It is because, I was occupied with technologies other than SQL Server. When I started SQL Server Citation, I thought it will always be about the SQL Server Blog only. However, in recent path I have had chance to work on PostgreSQL and MongoDB both.

I am pretty much sure that I will be writing articles here on other technologies and NoSQL etc. but primarily this place will still be SQL Server Blog. In the past couple of month I have written about some tips on SQL Server and PostgreSQL. Basically, this post is going to be the blog roll of the last couple of months.

SQL Server Blog Roll

How to write efficient TSQL

Over the past two months, I’ve authored a six-part blog series that delves into common errors found in SQL Server. This month, my focus has shifted towards crafting an article on T-SQL. When it comes to composing T-SQL (Transact-SQL) code, there exist a multitude of vital considerations developers should bear in mind to guarantee that their code remains efficient, maintainable, and secure. Read more.

Force parameterization is powerful-feature

Force parameterization in Microsoft SQL Server is a feature designed to optimize query performance by converting literal values in Transact-SQL statements into parameters. This process helps in plan reuse, cache efficiency, and improving overall system performance. Enabling force parameterization instructs SQL Server to attempt parameterization for all queries, even those containing constant literals. This approach has several advantages, making it a valuable tool in certain scenarios. In this article I will discuss why I believe that Force Parameterization is powerful feature in Microsoft SQL Server. Read more

Job Description of a DBA

The day-to-day activities of a Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator (DBA) can vary depending on the organization’s size, the complexity of the database environment, and specific job responsibilities. I have curated the list of activities of a DBA or one can say Job Description of a DBA.

Please keep in mind that these activities can be adjusted based on the specific needs and priorities of the organization and the nature of the applications supported by the databases. Additionally, as technology evolves, DBAs may need to adapt and incorporate new tools and methodologies into their daily tasks. Read more

PostgreSQL Backup Failure

Microsoft SQL Server is an RDBMS I have always preferred, and loved to work on. All my life, even now-a-days as well. However, past couple of years I have had chance to work on a few more database management systems. Structured and Non-Structured both. Here after, you may see a few more posts for these types of database management systems as well. In this post today, I am going to write about the PostgreSQL backup failure. Read more

Create failed for Availability Group

Ever since the release of Always On Availability Group (AG or HADR) in SQL Server 2012 the adoption ratio is increasing. A lots of my clients too are adopting this beautiful feature. About a month ago, one of my client’s friend was working on setting up Always On Availability Group, and he has encountered an error Create failed for Availability Group. Read more

I am pretty sure that you would love reading these SQL Server Blogs. I would encourage you to browse through SQL Server Blogs in HADR, Administration and Configuration categories.

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Hemantgiri Goswami

Hemantgiri Goswami

Throughout my extensive 24-year tenure in the IT industry, I have honed my expertise in SQL Server and cloud technologies. My qualifications include certifications in ITIL, Azure, and Google Cloud, and my professional journey boasts a consistent record of delivering top-notch, dependable, and efficient solutions across diverse clients and domains. In recognition of my dedication and impact, I am honored to have received the Microsoft MVP award for SQL Server on six occasions. Additionally, I actively contribute to various online forums and blogs, acting as a moderator and facilitator of meaningful discussions. My ultimate mission revolves around empowering organizations to enhance the reliability and efficiency of their SQL Server implementations while fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth within the SQL Server community.