New Home for SQL Server Citation

I am very happy, and very happy, why ? I just completed moving my blog space to wordpress!! Yes, you’ve heard it right – a New Home for SQL Server Citation. I have been blogging since 2005 and for past few months I have been thinking of making some changes, of course, a change in a positive way. I have asked my friends who are blogging for long, and, they all told me that WP is a good option for blogger. For me, it was a long process, okay, well, not so long; but it took me about 2 months to conclude that I will be moving to WP. All these years I have been using Blogger, and I can do customization the way I want on my own, but WP is new for me, again my friends helped me on this part too.

What will happen to my old blog space ? At this moment, I don’t have much idea on how do I go about it, and what I will I do on this; but here are few ideas, let me know what you think ?

  • I will point the old domain to this blog post i.e. redirecting to
  • Leave the old domain as it is
  • Earlier I have thought of doing 360 Redirection but due to lots of SEO related issues leave that idea (I am not SEO expert though)
  • Using permanent domain redirection

This time onward, I will be posting here on this place which is New Home for SQL Server Citation blog site.

photo credit: ecastro Happiness via photopin (license)

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